The shame is on us for not understanding the threat that Senator Joseph McCarthy tried to warned us about. We owe him an apology. The Red Scare warning turns out to have been a truth and prophetic. He may have been a flawed messenger, but his message was truth that foretold our future demise. Was his destruction the first deep state action to protect its socialist membership and camp followers?

Regardless, the recent removal of Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier from his command demonstrates the depth of penetration of Marxism into our society and the last bastion of our protection being the American military. Any ideology taught in the military needs to be based on the Constitution to which they swear an oath. The Federalist Papers should be included as they are the operating manual for the Constitution.

As a young navy recruit I was largely ignorant of exactly what I was swearing “true faith and allegiance” to but took an interest in finding out the deep truths that the Constitution contains. The leftest elites are incorrect, we do not need a reset, but a return to the values that this nation was founded on not the Communist nonsense of Marx.

Ralph Bruce



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George Don Spruill

Senator Joseph McCarthy, nicknamed “Tailgunner Joe” for his WWII exploits was a great American and a war hero. If he were alive today, observing the Communist Democrat Party and the brainwashing of our kids in public schools and the Leftist stuff coming out of Hollywood, he’d say, “See, I told you so!”

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