I’m perplexed about the state of the Republican establishment wanting to give Marjorie Taylor Greene the opportunity to receive media attention, first at the Georgia Teen Republican annual convention and then an upcoming meeting of the Cobb County GOP.

If the Republicans want to be a viable political entity in the 21st Century, they need to recognize that allowing narcissists like Mrs. Greene to pander to the baser elements of the party is a route to extinction.

How can any reasonable, educated citizen in 2021 accept having a representative in Congress who thought Guam was a foreign country, that exercise can protect you from Covid-19, that California is a “ communist dictatorship,” that a pandemic mask mandate equated to the Nazi’s ID policies for German Jews … and on and on?

She and Representatives Boebert, Gaetz, and Cawthorn are better suited for a comedy club troupe than taking up space in Congress. The House custodial staff contributes more to effective governance than this pack of clowns.

Edward Allison



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Howard Peterson

And just how do you explain the "Squad" and Maxine Waters? Of course they don't have a negative effect on the Democrat party do they? You suffer from tunnel vision which is so obvious in all your Letters to the Editor and you just can't see the other side can you? And unfortunately, you vote.........

Howard Peterson

I'm SO glad you mentioned Guam!! Do you remember Hank Johnson, the Democrat Representative from Georgia? In a House Hearing about extra Marines being stationed in Guam, he had the audacity to say ""My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize." No comedy tours here. HE WAS SERIOUS. Please think about stopping these letters. You have no idea how they make you look........ And I'm NOT kidding!!

George Don Spruill

The fact that you get published often is a black mark against the editorial page of this paper. Your judgement is seriously lacking except as an example of the twisted Left. I think you’re being groomed as the next Kevin Foley. (That’s not a compliment.)

Butch Smith

What a complete idiot.

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