Contrary to Gen. MacArthur’s famous adage, old soldiers do die! But before they fade away, they have many opportunities to wisely pass on their hard-earned war wisdom while voting in polling booths. Their strength, some 20 million strong, rivals other voting demographic blocks that politicians traditionally target. And their experience, particularly after the United States of America lost the Vietnam War, have taught them which party best supports the armed forces in its assigned mission to defend the nation against all enemies. Unarguably, that party is...The Grand Old Party. Old soldiers and those fighting today’s battles know it. And if you, the reader, haven’t figured it out —read on.

It all started with an increased defense budget under President Reagan’s administration. The pride and tradition of winning the first battle of the war was instilled with the investment of new equipment and training for all of our armed forces. The morale of our service men and women soared. And after winning the Cold War, who could doubt that modernization of our armed forces was worth every penny we invested in President Reagan’s mantra — Peace through Strength? His credo not only won the Cold War, but also prepared us to win the first battle of the next war.

The effectiveness of our military modernization was soon to be demonstrated during the Gulf War of 1991 under President Bush 41. Modern technology on the battlefield had improved communication, weaponry and concentration of power, the likes of which the world had never before witnessed.

Who could argue that there existed a period of decaying military might during the Democratic administration of 1992-2000? Do you remember George W. Bush during his campaigning telling the military that “Help is on the way!” He was right, and at last, military morale and readiness was restored again.

Then came 9/11, the most insidious attack against the United States in the history of our republic. Did you see any appeasement, ambivalence or concessions after this attack? No, you saw a commander-in-chief with a bullhorn in hand telling the world that — “I can hear you, the world hears you, and the people who knocked these towers down will soon hear from us all.” It was a battle cry from a proud republic.

Robert Lanzotti



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