Camille Paglia, a prominent equity feminist and media academic, recalls a “horrifying” example from her classroom a few years ago. She was teaching “Go Down, Moses,” the famous Negro spiritual. She passed out the lyrics and played the music, “and it suddenly hit me with horror — none of them recognized the name ‘Moses.’ And I thought: Oh my God, when Moses is erased from the West, what is left of Western civilization?”

Our colleges and universities have been so busy deracinating Western Civilization that they have stripped a generation or two of their heritage. Gen Zers were recently asked in an interview who they would save if their pet dog and a neighbor was drowning? Every one of them picked the dog!

To paraphrase an old Arabic saying: “ the dogs’ bark, but the ‘criminal ‘caravan keeps going.” The criminal caravan has been the socialists’ indoctrination cabals otherwise known as college faculties. While there are a number of dedicated professors teaching the truth, others have infected the students with their anger and rebelliousness.

Nikita Krushchev said years ago that “the U.S. would fall without a shot.” This is the Marxists’ goal. Most of the insanity that emanates from the liberal arts section of the colleges are in full bloom in our society. There’s NO tolerance of other viewpoints. Freedom of speech is severely limited. The bloated bureaucracies are immersed in organizing “ grievance courses “ which enjoin the students to take action against the “oppressors.”

The regressive left emphasizes needs rather than rights, equality over liberty, state ownership over private property, gender fluidity over the eternal reality of a two gender system based on creation of both men and women in the image of God, and globalism over nationalism.

A college professor, Cater Chambly, defined culture as “one group’s way of getting to the waterhole.” Western Civilization even with its’ flaws has demonstrated a system that far surpasses any other culture at getting to the waterhole.

It would be great to hear our political leaders actually ask the tough questions of the deans and Presidents of these institutions. There appears to be no accountability. In any other field, there would have already been massive malpractice cases.

I remind these college and faculty leaders that power and money corrupts absolutely, and that free speech and real diversity are the way back to the waterhole!

Jim Cole



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