In the wake of yet another school shooting, what are Sens. Isakson and Perdue doing to change gun violence in this country? They could call HR 8 and HR1 112 to a Senate vote.

Yesterday, a K-12 school experienced tragedy, stopped short by a student who used the avoid, barricade, combat method and gave his life to protect other students. This is behavior commonly taught in the military in war combat situations. Our students beginning in kindergarten or younger are being taught to die protecting each other, and that is a long gruesome departure from normal. I personally will have students in K-12 schools until 2033. I’m not going anywhere!

The senators’ friends at the NRA who named a woman in east Cobb their president have poked a legion of Mama Bears in GA 06 that will not take a single step back. We will be collecting your Senate seats, gentleman. Expect us.

Mindy Seger