What an impossible situation the Democrats are facing!

They realize that if Sanders becomes their nominee, he is unelectable. However, if they attempt somehow to prevent his nomination, they will incur the wrath of millions of rabid Bernie fans who believe a President Sanders would provide “free” college education, cancel their student-loan debts, provide single-payer health insurance, free lunches, a guaranteed minimum income and any number of other illusory goodies the socialist genie is promising!

And yes — they are “rabid” — who else in their right mind would believe such fantasies? Having seen their man being denied the nomination in the previous election by Democrat manipulations of their selection process, it doesn’t take much to imagine the violence, the rage, the utter chaos that would ensue if Bernie were denied it again!

To quote Sir Walter Scott, “What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!” I’m loving it!

Scott Chadwick


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