Re: Dick Yarbrough’s article re the “Sterigenics controversy.”

There should be no controversy — period. If Trump had not lifted President Obama’s restrictions on all companies from dumping toxic wastes in our water, soil, air, etc., then these companies could and should be charged and punished for violating the law. Case closed.

Now, due to Trump’s jealousy and hatred of Obama, he has, one by one, retracted, canceled as many as possible of Obama’s good accomplishments; i.e., the Iran agreement (resulting in the resigning/firing of highly touted James Gattis), the Paris Global Warming Act, the Clean Air Act just to name a few; creating disastrous results for our country.

How long can Obama’s good economy (that Trump erroneously takes credit for) last w/ Trump’s irrational, ignorant bullying tactics? He has accomplished exactly nothing except instigating ill-advised trade wars, alienating our allies, flooding the nation with his I believe racist name-calling tweets while putting our nation closer and closer to the brink of war and recession. His bowing and scraping of Putin and Un, (both of whom are murderous tyrants) are of no avail. They are and will remain our enemies regardless of his toadying up to them.

The mass shootings of today are beyond disgraceful. Bill Clinton lost the majority of both houses due to his ban on assault weapons (that Bush let expire) and signing of the Brady Bill that all but eliminated the travesty we have today. Although it was political suicide with the Republicans, he did it anyway for the good of our nation’s people. No civilian should be able to obtain an assault weapon by any means. Plain and simple.

Now, Trump stays in the headlines (which he loves), making promises/threats he won’t keep while meeting with the NRA & checking with his “base” to see what will or will not hurt his political chances. Thus, he will do nothing save continue to stick his beak in every mike available, tweeting his spiteful, childish accusations, being a puppet for the NRA and his “base” — then blasting the media for printing his rantings. He lies incessantly and constantly brags on himself. We can and should do better.

Character, common sense, honesty and integrity are sorely lacking in this administration; they could, however, be restored again — with a different president.

Jean Durham



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