Reading the article in the MDJ, on Wednesday, 21 Aug. 2019 “Say no to ETO” gave me flashbacks to 9/11.

About a week before 9/11, I meet a friend of mine who shared the same post with me in the past on the New York State Police. He told me that he is now the supervisor of the security detail at the World Trade Center. We agreed to meet for lunch at Windows on the World shortly.

On 9/11, I was called by a friend from work, who told me that she was watching the Trade Center from the Jersey Turnpike — that it’s on fire. Well, we all know how that day turned out.

I lived well out on Long Island, on Long Island Sound in the wetlands. Walking out the next morning, there was a super strong odor of ash. I drove into New York City a few days later and everything had a coating of ash. I recall Francis Tavern, where Gen. Washington had his farewell dinner, the golden bricks were grayish. I went over to the pile and spoke to a state trooper on the security detail and he told me that they were told the air is safe. I was down in the PIT the following November and the air was still not clean.

Soon enough, shortly on the TV, radio and in the print media, here was the Honorable Christie Whitman, former governor of the state of New Jersey and now the head of the United States EPA, the air is safe. Both the New York State and New York City Departments of Health, did not disagree. I could still smell the ash for weeks at home, but the EPA said it was safe.

So far, The State Police has lost 12 members; NYPD and NYFD, many more than that. About 15 years after 9/11, Christie Whitman did an apology, what good does that do?

To you folks who live around Sterigenics, I say to you: New York learned a very good lesson, on letting the United States EPA do our thinking for us.

What happened to Trooper Ron Horner? Never found.

Steve Reilly

Lost Mountain


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