The voter suppression effort in the Ga General assembly is wrong and needs to stop. Any Georgia voter who requests an absentee ballot should have one. Multiple weekends for voting should be allowed. Buses conveying people to vote is fine. Insisting on non-stop ballot counting is ridiculous.

Another ill-advised bill that needs to be rejected is doing away with citizens arrest law. Adoption of this law would mean a person could not hold someone caught breaking into their home or stealing their car. Some modification of the law would be fine. Just because some people abused the law does not make it a bad law.

Kenneth Waldrop



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Butch Smith

Read the entire Bill. No voter suppression.

George Don Spruill

"Voter suppression", Mr. Waldrop, after the fraud and deception that took place during the 2020 election, allowed by the gutless SecState who was bullied by unelected Stacy Abrams, so that ANY mailed-in ballot would have to be accepted. Look, before you write a letter to a newspaper, learn a little about the subject so that your ignorance is not out there for all to see. I'm just concerned that you don't look foolish to the general public.

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