I just listened to Trump and I have never been so ashamed. It is so dangerous for our free elections. He made so many outrageous claims with no proof whatsoever. If it was a plot to cheat him out of the presidency, they would have done a better job by giving Biden a landslide and making sure that all Democrats won and Republicans lost. This did not happen. Trump believes that if he loses, the vote is rigged. He simply cannot tell the truth, He lies, lies, and lies and his besotted followers believe every word he says. Just check out Facebook. I have tried arguing with them and pointing out where they are wrong, but it is useless. Their minds are so closed nothing can get in.

Not only is he a sore loser, but he has insulted all the hard-working poll workers and called them dishonest. Many of them are volunteers or at least minimum-wage jobs. I know because I was a poll worker during an earlier election. Has he ever worked an election? If he had he would see how difficult it would be to cheat.

Trump will try to keep it tied up in court for as long as possible. He will try everything he can throw at the wall to see what sticks, if anything, I have a prediction to make: On Jan. 20 he will not vacate the White House saying he does not recognize the results of the election. This is what dictators of banana republics do when they lose. He would like to be like his friends Putin, Un, and the dictator of China. If he had been elected he would have done his best to repeal the 22nd Amendment so he could stay in office for 8 or 12 more years, Even 4 more years would have resulted in our country becoming a third- or fourth-world country.

Hopefully once we get a real gentlemen in the White House, who does not feel the need to make fun of people who are different, criticize those who disagree with him, and call people names. Maybe then the Trumpers will have their eyes opened. It will be interesting to see what the lawyers will provide as the proof of fraud. By the way Georgia is run by Republicans, not Democrats as Trump claimed in his speech (Thursday). Would they cheat for Biden?

Lucretia Adams



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Howard Peterson

How about the pollsters who a week before the election said that Biden was up by 17 points in Wisconsin. All the pollsters were wrong and wrong on purpose to suppress the vote! How do you explain all the polls being so far off? Also it was predicted on election night that the Democrats would gain 15 new House seats....Well, the Democrats are currently minus 5!! "Dark money" from CA & NY billionaires in the amounts of several hundred million dollars did nothing to put Lindsey Graham out of business, he won by over 10 points! Where else was this "dark money" used? How about censorship? Silicon valley stopped all stories about the Biden family selling themselves for influence peddling but becoming MULTI-millionaires in the process? How many Democrats had no knowledge of this story when they voted? I, along with many others, were censored by Facebook right here at the MDJ. I was kicked off Facebook because they said that my pro-Republican comments "did not meet their community standards". Didn't know that happened did you? How about Biden NOT thinking we should have stopped flights from China and Europe when Trump did so? Democrats say Trump has 200,000 + bodies with blood on his hands. How high would that # have been with Hilary at the helm? Can you say a million or more? I could go on but at least you know now that Republicans have EVERY right to believe this was NOT a fair election!! Truth & transparency took a big vacation compliments of the Democrat Party!

Howard Peterson

Where else was this "dark money" used? How could this "dark money" have been used to insure a Biden "victory". That might be the $64 dollar question! One last note.

Howard Peterson

Pay NO attention to the above comment!!

Where else was this "dark money" used? How could this "dark money" have been used to insure a Biden "victory". That might be the $64 dollar question! One last note. The only words I ever heard a Democrat say was "count every vote". Not once did I hear a Democrat say "count every LEGAL vote". What do they know that we don't??? There's a whole lot questions that need answers!!

Butch Smith

Funny you weren't embarrassed by how the MSM and the Dems treated Trump when he won. Funny you aren't embarrassed by the corruption of the Biden family. I guess it's the OJ syndrome where you don't care about law and order or right and wrong as long as your man gets away with it.

George Don Spruill

My 10th-grade ag teacher loved to say, "Boys, where ignorance is bliss, knowledge is folly." He was thinking about persons like you, Ms. Adams. Before you write a letter like this, you need to go to the source, the Constitution, and learn just a few basics about presidntial elections. Just because a few TV networks declared pore old Demented Joe Biden president doesn't make him president. Each state legislature has to certify the election in their state, then the electors from each state meet in late December as a body called the Electoral College and vote. Then and only then, is a person declared president. Got it so far? I can type slower if you need me to. For further reference, Google Bush v. Gore, In November 2000, Albert Gore's campaign spent 37 days after the election, fighting the results from Florida. If you watched anything other than CCN, MSNBC, and the biased alphabet networks, you'd know that "something is rotten in Denmark". Republican poll watchers have been kept out of the vote-counting rooms in many large Democrat-controlled cities. They also stopped counting at 1:00 AM and told the Republican observers that they were through for the night. Vehicles pulled up with luggage and coolers filled with additional ballots, and after a couple of hours, the counting resumed. Further, the software program used in many states had a "glitch" which changed votes from Trump to Biden. And, and you want to talk about criminal behavior? It's the Biden Crime Family. But, you wouldn't know that I guess. Finally, you're one of those persons who are more offended by the way someone talks, rather than being a member of a party that favors and supports abortion. Please, Ms. Adams, be better informed before you embarrass yourself with half-baked letters like this.

Howard Peterson

A true Trump hater. Tell me I'm wrong Democrats! You can't do it can you???????

Howard Peterson

Hey Lucretia, there's a China Virus vaccine about to come out to the public. Since this vaccine is compliments of Trump's "Warp Speed" vaccine approval time period and since Democrats don't trust anything that Trump has said or done, would you & all Democrats just wait for a vaccine that has Harris / Big Guy's approval? That way there would be more vaccine available for the Republicans!! Elections have consequences don't they????

Anne Pritchett

I won't reply to the other comments. They aren't worth my time. But, just want Ms. Adams to know I agree with you 100%.

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