I was recently criticized by a recent writer to the MDJ for being a Trump worshipper. Wow, I must be stupid! A few facts about old stupid me: I have an AB (political science) from UGA, an MAPA (Public Administration) from U. Of Oklahoma, a CPA (3526) from Georgia. I spent 20 years as an officer in the USAF in Intelligence field, and lived 7 years in the Far East....what do I know about anything!

I do know that that lying Trump took no salary from the Gov’t for four years. He didn’t get rich off his position in government. I do know that ole Joe has lived off the government for 47 years and is very rich by any standards. Don’t have any friends in New York that will fact check that. What has ole Joe accomplished in those 47 years? He got rich! However, no fact checkers will investigate how he and his boy Hunter got all that money from China and Ukraine.

According to my accuser, fact checkers claimed Trump told 30,000 lies! I can’t seem to remember any specific lies they quoted, but they must have been true because every single mainstream media quoted the same narrative story every night, word for word ... how did it happen they all used the exact phrases too?

Trump was not a perfect person. He had some quirks as anyone has. However, he accomplished more in four years than Biden and his pack of government leeches did in Joe’s 47 years.

So stick around folks and watch how Biden and his buddies manage to dismantle the accomplishments Trump made so we can return to the same doldrums of the Obama administration.

Oh, how come that 100,000 illegals who are crashing the border don’t have to wear masks like Biden is forcing us? And, hope you enjoy paying taxes so criminals in prison can get their stimulus checks, also thanks to ole Joe and his democrat party buddies.

Don Grissom



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George Don Spruill

Don, don't spend any time worrying about the never-Trumpers. They are insignificant as far as logic and common sense and even morality is concerned. I've spend many Facebook postings and emails and letters to the editor of the MDJ (few were printed) trying to convince persons who call themselves Christians (a name which is becoming more and more insignificant in politics these days) that if their faith actually means something they cannot vote for a Democrat. They don't want to believe that voting for a Democrat at any level -- locally (Sheriff Owens), state (Mary Frances Williams), or (federal) MR. Warnock -- you are approving abortion since every Democrat must be for it. They are convinced that President Trump's tone makes him more evil than a party voting for aborting human beings. I'm leaving it in the hands of -- what they better hope for -- a merciful God. In a reverse to the common way of thinking this Easter, like Pilate did, I'm washing my hands of the never-trumpets. They will have to justify their votes, to Someone scarier than me.

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