Kudos to Aleks Gilbert for highlighting what is possibly becoming a minor crisis in Cobb County! Specifically, he put the spotlight on the worst sanitation company that I have ever encountered, American Disposal.

Missed pickups. No credit given. Can’t call and talk to a live person. They don’t answer emails. If they don’t show up, tough. My fee one year ago was $59.85 for three months. In June, it increased to $63.54 without explanation. The bill I just received is for $72.03. Are they just allowed to charge whatever they want? If I don’t like it I can just change haulers, right? Easier said than done.

I would love to change haulers and I implore our commissioners to get more involved. First, I don’t know who else to call. I called the city of Austell and found out they used Republic. I made several calls, Republic was evasive, and finally said they couldn’t help me. I switched to AD because my previous hauler twice left my can in the road and their response was “these things happen.”

I don’t understand why the commissioners think a 10% fee/tax on haulers is the solution. Why punish the good haulers? You commissioners tell American Disposal that their permit is going to be revoked in 90 days unless they establish a method of responding to customer complaints that is satisfactory to you. During that time, AD should be required to submit a list of their customers and contact info to the commission in order to keep their permit. Combine that with a list of haulers in Cobb. The commissioners then should formally appoint someone within county government (I have a suggestion) to assist those who want to get away from AD but don’t know who to call. Like me. Anyone looking for a vote might get mine by helping solve this headache and showing you’re concerned.

Last week, I called the chairman’s office about this very problem and was referred to Public Services Agency Director William (Bill) Tanks, splendid fellow who seems eager to help and asked me to share his contact info, which I am pleased to do: Office: 770-528-1540 / email: Let’s get this resolved.

Randy Hill



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