Re: MDJ article of Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019, “$30 million in bonds sought for Tech’s Cobb campus”

The Development Authority of Cobb County is ignoring Cobb needs in order to seek $30 million in bonds for a state of Georgia facility in an old and obsolete building on a secluded site for which Cobb taxpayers have absolutely no responsibility other than making normal fire/police protection and water/sewer utilities available.

GTRI was founded in 1934, has 2,000 +/- employees in eight laboratories in over 20 locations and performs more than $350 million in research activities annually, per their website. Operating, protecting, maintaining, and improving their sites and facilities is their responsibility, not that of Cobb citizens nor the Development Authority of Cobb County!

The Development Authority of Cobb County should, and must, concern itself with pressing needs of Cobb County, not State of Georgia University System, Board of Regents, nor GTRI problems, which should have been addressed years ago at their state level.

Legislation establishing the Development Authority of Cobb County should be updated and revised to restrict and more fully direct all responsibilities and objectives, prospective project evaluation/reporting (including public input) of all current and future activities. Quarterly public audits must be required of all Cobb “authorities” and any other such Cobb organizations their activities.

Cobb citizens deserve the best management efforts from all public officials.

Donald Case



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