I feel like Paul Revere saying “the British are coming!”, except that in this case the “Democrat radicals are coming” and you need to be alerted to the passing of U.S. House bill HR-7608.

In case you have not heard about this bill, Sections 442 and 443 direct the National Park Service to remove all Confederate monuments, memorials, placards and statues at Gettysburg, Manasass, Chicamauga, Petersburg, and 18 other battlefields. These provisions are buried deep in the 727-page bill that also finances the State department, the Dept. of Agriculture and the EPA.

A combat veteran and New York Times columnist, Eliott Ackerman, wrote: “An area of our complex past that should be left untouched are battlefields. Blood has consecrated our battlefields, and it is never only one side.”

I would like to add that today, America’s ancestors on both sides fought for what they felt was the right thing to do. Most were drafted at the point of a gun to fight by their governments, and they did their duty to the best they could. After the war, Americans on both sides of the war erected monuments to their heroes and leaders. Many of us had ancestors who were led in battle by those heroes, and today we are proud of statues and monuments on both sides of the war. Would we want Grant’s or Sherman’s statues removed? Would we want Martin Luther King’s statues taken down? How about the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.? Does it make any sense to remove these symbols of our history? No, it would be like destroying history, and that is what wars and dictators have done. A lot of these monuments are works of art too, and much time, money, effort, and even love was incurred in bringing them to life.

This legislation is un-American. We cannot sit idly by and let this bill go any further. Edmund Burke’s quote applies … “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.” Please contact your congressman, and especially your senator to stop this horrific tragedy from going any further. Search on your computer for HB-7608, Sections 442, 443. You have to scroll through three quarters of the bill to find these sections. Please make your voice heard.

Glenn Burch




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