I was floored a while back when I received my first property tax notification from Cobb County, and more recently from the city of Marietta, on several rental properties I have owned within the city of Marietta since the early ’80s. The Cobb County taxes on these properties increased 44% to 46% and I filed an appeal, which, based on past experience, will be ignored. Then, shortly thereafter, I received the tax bill from the city of Marietta on the same three properties. Similarly, the percentage increase ranged from 43% to 44%.

Recently, the first of what I’m sure will be many articles promoting the next SPLOST appeared in the newspaper. It’s pretty clear that our politicians and bureaucrats can never get their hands on enough of taxpayer money to be satisfied. “Let’s get some more money and we’ll find a way to spend it” seems to be their motto. It’s apparent to me that there needs to be more focus on expense control.

Now we find ourselves in the coronavirus pandemic and all the chaos that’s associated with it. Many people are struggling to pay their mortgages and are worried about facing foreclosure, while many others are unable to pay their rent and are facing evictions. Then lo and behold, here come the mighty taxing authorities throwing out property tax increases of 43% to 46% as if its business as usual. I think this is unconscionable and those in charge should be ashamed of themselves. I would hate to think what would happen to my tenants if I attempted to pass on even a portion of this increase to them. This is a ridiculous increase even in normal times, let alone in these uncertain times.

Terry Isbell




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