If 80% of the 162,000 COVID-19 deaths this year are people over 65 (CDC), that means 32,400 people under 65 years of age have died of COVID-19 to date. This number (162.000) of deaths ranks COVID-19 at number four between tobacco and obesity rates for 2019. Obviously, these numbers from 2019 are for an entire non-COVID population for 2019.

How many people normally die per year over 65 in the US? In 2015, 1,992,283 deaths occurred over age 65 (most recent data). Among the 129,600 people over 65 who have died so far this year, how many of them died with COVID-19 instead of by COVID-19? We have anecdotal data that point to a lot of co-mingling the actual cause of death with the deceased’s co-mobidities. Therefore, the number of COVID-19 deaths could be substantially less.

For those people over 65 with co-mobidities, this is a very serious disease. For those under 50, there is a 99.9% recovery rate. This is more like a seasonal flu for the general population! The over 65 demographic represents 16% of the population, and we are quarantining 84% of our population who are healthy. Under age 25, the coronavirus is nearly non-existent. You are mostly at risk when you have a co-mobidity condition! One other interesting point, currently about 732,467 have died worldwide from COVID. It is currently estimated that 1.6 million will die worldwide just from diarrhea this year.

The number of positive cases of COVID-19 are immaterial. These “cases” are not generally active disease. Hospitalizations and deaths are the important data points. The death rate is 0.05%. Our modern day astrologers, the public health officials, are famous for over-predicting numbers and gross estimations.

It is beyond time to open the schools and resume normal business. Everyone knows that it is an election year, and that has probably contributed to the mass hysteria of the past five months. The total devastation of the lockdown is incalculable, and the personal pain and suffering will be with us for years to come. We have done irreparable damage to our Bill of Rights and Constitution!

Our state and local leaders need to grow some “oranges”, and relinquish their power over the lockdown. We all know that power is an aphrodisiac, but enough is enough! This has reached the stage of the absurd!

Where are the truth seekers? Is this only about optics, power, and emotions?

Jim Cole


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