In October 2009, the 2008 Parks Bond citizens advisory committee recommended 29 properties for purchase by Cobb County. Commission District 2, though representing 25 percent of the population of the county, had only three recommended properties, or 10 percent of the total number of properties. District 2 includes Smyrna, Vinings, the Cumberland area and much of east Cobb. This area is heavily developed, which limits green space opportunities. District 2 has only 313 acres of county parks, the least by far of any Cobb commission district.

The 2008 Parks Bond was never issued due to the economy. Since then, two of the three recommended properties in District 2 have been developed.

The lone undeveloped 2008 Parks Bond property in District 2 is the 54-acre Tritt property on Roswell Road in east Cobb. The Tritt property was a finalist for both the 2006 and 2008 Park bonds.

The Tritt property consists of pristine hardwood forest along environmentally-sensitive Sewell Mill Creek. The property in its undeveloped state helps keep our water and air clean, helps control flooding along the creek and generates no demand on local schools and very little traffic. The property adds to the beauty and character of east Cobb, and helps keep surrounding property values high. This property has been in the related Delk and Tritt families for over 150 years, so it represents much of east Cobb’s history. It is centrally located in east Cobb, and is likely the largest parcel available for any purpose in District 2. Most importantly, the Tritt property has an owner who is ready and willing to sell to the county.

The Tritt property is the clear choice for District 2’s next park. After a long zoning battle, the east Cobb community is fully aware of how close we came to losing this property to development, and there is overwhelming support to make this property a park for all to enjoy. Hopefully, District 2 Commissioner Bob Ott will join with the people of east Cobb in recommending this property for purchase with the 2008 Park Bond.

Robert Burke

east Cobb


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