I recently heard that the Mayor of Atlanta wants a crackdown on firearms as she envisions them as the cause of the violence in her city. The problem is that she does not understand that an inanimate object, a firearm, is simply a tool used by humans and the problem is with humans.

A maximum sentence in a court of law, with no parole for the use of a firearm and the use of the death sentence would calm things down!

Jack Riddle



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George Don Spruill

Keisha Lance Bottoms is a typical Leftist whose only answer to shootings is “gun control”. “Gun control” is taking the lawfully owned firearms from persons who are not likely to use them for criminal purposes. These politicians never have ideas as to how to get firearms out of the hands of criminals and felons who are VERY LIKELY to use them to commit crimes. Why is this? Because coming up with a plan to take firearms from those who use them in a criminal manner is real difficult. It is easy to make a pronouncement to just take everyone’s guns. The problem is, in a country with as many firearms as citizens, you can never successfully find them all, and criminals will always be able to buy or steal guns.

Wouldn’t it be great, if we lived in a country with guns but without politicians?

Mike Nelson

Bottoms can’t seem to understand when you fire, berate , and completely destroy the police dept.. this is what happens. Atl is becoming the new Chicago. A typical Democratic run city. The sad part is they will vote her or another democratic candidate. Well you wanted change and now you have it.

Annette Verhoff

DC's strict gun control laws are the, THE only reason we are not living in TrumpLand with Supreme Leader Trump. If all those kooks had all their AR-15s, Supreme Leader Trump would currently be taking their guns and our guns so he could retain control. Trump is on the side of his supporters and on the side of the 2nd Amendment right up till he no longer has any use for them. And then he turns against them, as he has turned against everyone. You knew he was a snake when you picked him up, but you picked him up anyway. --Christopher Davis Marietta GA

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