There were three adult entertainment clubs in Marietta in 1992. They were the Taj Mahal, Boomers, and the Cyprus Lounge. Taj Mahal was the largest strip club in the Southeast. Multiple reports from the police of increasing drug use, DUI arrests, and prostitution around these clubs were published. The MDJ printed stories about the city’s inability to do anything about the clubs. The attorney for the three clubs bragged that they were protected by the First Amendment. The city of Marietta was facing a major problem with increasing crime and its declining image.

The recent Super Bowl strip show was promoting the same thing that Marietta was trying to remove. The scantily clad dancers did everything at the Super Bowl that was being done in the clubs in Marietta. Except kids were not allowed in the clubs. It appears that Pepsi and the NFL couldn’t care less about the quality of the entertainment and more about recruiting young women and men into strip clubs. They also included their kids and our kids, too.

What closed the local clubs? A community in the Midwest had controlled the toxic spread of lap dancing clubs by using the 18th Amendment: the one giving the local community the right to license the sale of alcohol. While the First Amendment has been adjudicated into nonsense, the Eighteenth Amendment had hardly been used. It was nudity or alcohol. Consequently, they were all closed.

If the Super Bowl continues with freak dancing (code for men on top of women) and vulgar antics, I would advise them to play the football game first. I thought that the NFL fought to prevent “objectifying” women and against human trafficking!

The American Psychological Association has specifically targeted the mainstream media and social media for the sexualization of girls creating anxiety about their appearance, eating disorders, lower self esteem, and depression.

The adults have been slowly cooked into accepting behavior and messages that are detrimental to young people in particular. The Super Bowl has now added disrespect for the viewers who are not drunk and who still have some level of moral outrage remaining! The Founders tried to leave us with some amendments to guard against debauchery.

If the people don’t care one way or the other, just reopen the clubs. Promote prostitution, alcohol, drugs, DUIs, and human trafficking! The city attorney did something. What are you doing?

Jim Cole



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