A friend in his mid-80s recently said, “2020 has been the most unusual year in my life”. I believe we would agree.

While some don’t make resolutions for the new year but try to have a good day every day, if you do, here’s a starter list to make your own list of resolutions to post on your refrigerator.

Resolutions for 2021:

1) Live through it.

2) Get a vaccine as soon as it is available.

3) After the second vaccine, wait 14 days, then hug somebody you love.

4) Lose half a pound every week by eating half as much at one meal every day.

5) Walk a mile a day.

6) Write a note to somebody.

7) Send a check to a charity.

8) Read a book.

9) Smile in the mirror each morning and keep that attitude until your head hits the pillow.

10) Remind yourself that at any moment, each person is doing the best he/she can.

11) (fill in the blank)

12) (fill in the blank)

Our best days are yet to come.

Daniel F. Kirk



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