The “Grinch” with initials “A.F.” stole our 2020 holidays.

That included time with family and friends enjoying our American traditions to supposedly “flatten the curve” for the coronavirus and give hospitals the ability to handle patients. We flattened the curve but tyranny continued. Now that we know more about the “novel” coronavirus known as COVID-19, let’s put aside the fear, stand up for our rights, and stick to proven science.

Lockdowns and mask mandates started in mid-March (Caesar knew about the Ides of March. It did not end well for him either.) We were told we could not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We were told we could not attend services for Easter nor Passover, sacred observances. Churches and Synagogues were closed. We could not celebrate Independence Day. Seniors died alone without the comfort of family isolated in nursing homes. Patients in hospitals struggled alone without their family members, all to “slow the curve.” People were fined for observing church service in their cars and parents were arrested or fined for playing in parks alone with their children. Judge Napolitano stated that our Constitutional rights do not end because of a virus. This is what can happen in tyrannical banana republics, not in America!

Now, here we are at Thanksgiving with Christmas and Hanukah fast approaching. We know that lockdowns did nothing to stop the virus. There is no clear scientific test data proving that masks protect people from passing or getting the coronavirus. (Fox News. Technocracy News) The strictest state of NY had the highest numbers of deaths with all their lockdowns and mask mandates while Sweden became the example of a country that fared better without such lockdowns and mandates. The CDC by their own admission stated that the number of deaths are overstated and the total deaths are no worse than a bad flu season. (The Hill) Hospitals had monetary incentives to say illnesses and deaths were Coronavirus. (USA Today) We cannot trust the data.

Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Dr. Michael Yeadon stated that the pandemic was over this summer and that “almost all of tests for COVID are false positives.” (Global Research Centre)

Use your critical thinking skills. Let’s take back our freedoms. All Americans, it is time to say, “The Grinch will not steal Christmas!”

Jan Barton



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George Don Spruill

During this time of virus, we are seeing with the scales off our eyes, what Democrat politicians actually believe in. Watching Mayor Bill De Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo literally destroy the restaurant industry in New York City and make New York City an undesirable place to visit, you get a real insight into how Leftists go about solving problems. The same is happening all over the country, where Democrat mayors and governors are messing up their cities and states. Here in Georgia, even though our governor Brian Kemp did nothing to prepare for the fraudulent mail-in voting scam by the Democrats, at least he had the foresight to open things up. Here's a bit of knowledge for Democrat politicians and their zombie followers; cases of Covid-19 will continue to spike and recede until vaccines are generally available. Locking us in our houses is not the answer.

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