I’m really disappointed that MDJ published the letter from Mr. Marcinko saying “the masks work so well on the flu virus but almost not at all on this coronavirus.” This statement, plus his reference to Dr. Fauci’s “stupidity by deceit” are inaccurate and will likely start another conspiracy theory. Publishing his letter was not “responsible journalism.” While I believe in free speech, we must avoid spreading disinformation which only results in damage our citizens and country.

If I had a subscription, I would cancel immediately!

Pat Bailey



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George Don Spruill

If you don’t have a subscription, why is the MDJ publishing your letter? We have enough bull coming from Leftist subscribers! But if you were better informed and didn’t buy the “information” coming from “Flip Flop” Fauci, you’d know masks are not helpful. Viruses, Mr. or Ms. Bailey, are microscopic. No paper or cloth mask will stop them from being exhaled. They have one purpose as far as I can see; virtue signaling by persons wearing them. And who is it that lives to virtue signal the most? Our friends on the Left! So, keep wearing them...but leave me the heck alone!

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