While we are stuck at home, this may make you question your gym membership. High school, college students and millennials want to look “jacked.” This will do it. Try these exercises Marines use to stay “jacked” with no exercise equipment.

1) Jumping jacks. Standing. Lift hands out to sides and overhead while jumping legs out to side. Jump back to start, arms down.

2) Sit-ups. Sitting, knees bent, toes under couch. Hands clasped behind head, sit up, elbows touching knees.

3) Push-ups. Face down, hands shoulder-width on floor. With body straight, push up until elbows lock, then down until belly button is an inch off ground.

4) “Polish push-ups”. On your back, hands under your shoulders. Push torso up extending arms, arching back, on toes.

5) Trunk-twister. Standing, hands clasped behind head. (1) Bend forward at waist, (2) twist torso to left, (3) twist to right, (4) stand.

6) Rowing exercise. (1) On back, arms extended overhead. (2) Lift legs, bend knees, sit-up with arms extended beyond knees. Repeat.

7) Squat-thrusts. Standing, (1) squat. (2) Drop hands to floor, thrusting legs to push-up position. (3) Pull legs back to squat, (4) stand.

8) Bend and Stretch. Stand. (1) Extend arms forward while squatting, (2) stand, (3) bend, touch toes, legs straight (4) stand.

Or go for a walk and enjoy the azaleas. Semper Fi!

Dan Kirk, captain, Marines, 1973-77


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