Guns aren’t the problem. Evil is the problem. Jim Jones killed 919 people with Kool-Aid.

You take God out of schools, mangers out of public squares, men out of families, abort 65 million babies, stay out of houses of worship...what do you get? People solidly in the grasp of Satan. They kill, not because they’re insane. They kill, because they don’t know right from wrong. Read the bible! This is old as man on the earth! The people of the Northern kingdom of Israel and the Southern kingdom of Judah worshiped false idols (Baal, Asherah, Molech) sacrificed their children in the fire (“passed them through fire”). God gave them every chance to redeem themselves. Finally, He had had enough. He let Assyria and Babylon take them into bondage (exile). He did let Judah come back, but not Israel. What is he going to allow to be done to this wicked country? Whatever it is, it’s going to make the phony baloney “social justice” stuff seem mild.

The answer — you leftist fools — is not taking our guns. It is making an attempt to overcome our evil ... before it’s too late. (The pessimist in me says it’s already too late.) I just hope God will forgive us one more time.

Stop listening to politicians. They have no answers. And, for God’s sake, if you are a Christian, stop voting for Democrats! As evil as Republicans are, they’re not for killing babies ... yet. It’s a matter of stewardship. Just like your money. you are accountable for your vote. You help put one of these people who vote for abortion in office...God help you.

Don Spruill



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