A UPS driver said he “stays in great shape” delivering exercise equipment to Roswell homes for Christmas, then he picks up the same equipment and returns it during the 30-day free trial period!

If many Americans have a weight-loss/exercise New Year’s goal, that may be good, given the “build” of many of us. Is the commitment temporary? My only authority for commenting on exercise is, I have run most days since 1973 and run 6.2 miles/day and logged the distance of the circumference of the earth. It seems our jaws may be more efficient than our legs, and no amount of exercise can make up for poor eating habits. Science tells us that the cell that is half-starved lives longer than the cell which is overfed.

A teacher won a “percent body weight-loss” competition among a group of teachers by eating oatmeal for breakfast, two pieces of fruit for lunch, and a full dinner with dessert, with no exercise at all!! For the rest of us, here are some exercise ideas almost anyone can do. A friend confined to a wheelchair does “laps” in his wheelchair every day, lifts milk jugs filled with water, and does sit-ups and push-ups. For those who can walk, a Marietta friend in her 80s walks 5 miles a day. On rainy days, she does it in a mall. A successful Roswell businessman walks 5 miles each morning — his “planning-time.” Admiral Spruance, Navy Commander at the battle of Midway, walked 5 miles every day aboard his ship so he could sleep better. Harry Truman began each day with a 2-mile brisk walk. A lady I met this year lost 50 pounds walking. By sticking with the commitment, such transformative results may mean a person can be taken of a medication or two.

With the increased interest in meditation, some like the peace and quiet of a run/walk by themselves, listening to birds. A sign at Callaway Gardens says their trails are “good for your soul”. We have Kennesaw Mountain. I “wrote” this editorial this morning while running at a high school track and never saw a soul. Run or walk, stick with your plan as you “step into 2021.”

Daniel F. Kirk



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