In recent months, we’ve seen an alarming rise in violence across America’s largest cities. Radical agitators have hijacked justified peaceful protests, inciting riots and destruction of property. Atlanta saw a 240% rise in violent crime during the summer months compared to last year.

These left-wing radicals are calling to defund law enforcement at a time when many officers are dealing with the highest crime rates of their career.

Instead of condemning the violence and taking action, Democrat mayors, governors, and members of Congress have remained silent. Many are actually encouraging the dangerous uprising.

We cannot allow our country to descend further into chaos. We need leaders who will not only stand by our first responders, but also work for real police and criminal justice reform that will strengthen public safety for everyone.

That’s why I’m supporting U.S. Sen. David Perdue for re-election.

Sen. Perdue has consistently stood for public safety. He worked side-by-side with Senator Tim Scott to propose the JUSTICE Act, a bill that would pave the way for historic police reform that strengthens support for law enforcement.

Senator Perdue has demonstrated the strong leadership needed to rebuild trust in communities across Georgia.

Unlike his opponent Jon Ossoff, Sen. Perdue has consistently opposed calls by radical liberals to “defund” our police departments. He knows that if our law enforcement officers are going to succeed at their missions and avoid tragedies like we’ve seen with George Floyd, they need more funding for better training, not less.

Jon Ossoff wants to put funding for our police “on the line.” He clearly doesn’t understand that upholding public safety requires well-trained officers and adequate resources. Ossoff doesn’t know what it’s like to be on the frontlines protecting your own family and community.

We need more leaders like Sen. Perdue who are willing to stand up for law enforcement, while also holding bad actors accountable.

As a former police chief and proud member of the National Guard, I know the incredible sacrifices that our men and women in uniform make on a daily basis. Now, more than ever, we must protect and support those who risk it all to protect us.

I look forward to casting my vote for Sen. Perdue and other candidates up and down the ballot who “Back the Blue.” We must stop the violence and restore public safety. That starts on Nov. 3.

John King

Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner



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