Commissioners and City Council members are constantly asked to do something about speeding cars. The arsenal of weapons starts with additional speed limit signs, increased fines for speeding, “Children Playing” signs. These remedies are cheap, easy and not effective.

Now, the arsenal of car slowing weapons gets more expensive. We start with speed bumps. Citizens are familiar with this remedy and know it isn’t very effective. The next remedy is more stop signs, which makes more sense than a speed bump but what if there is a half mile from one side street to the next? Stop signs spaced far apart create mini-drag strips. A more expensive remedy is a traffic light. It stops traffic but if they are too far apart, we’re back to the mini-drag strip.

Been to an Atlanta side street lately? “On-street parking” slows down traffic. This is good for kids. It doesn’t cost anything. Somebody may raise his voice and say, “You can’t do that.” Actually you can and you should.

Things that look different aren’t automatically wrong. Think about it. They are your children.

Mike Holzknecht



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