Actually, there are no short-term solutions. Cobb has tried them all, widening roads, adding turn lanes, and making Elevated Reversible Toll Lanes. They have talked endlessly about synchronizing turn signals, all without a glimmer of success.

Ron Sifen reminded me of this inflexible rule in the 5/17 MDJ. He wrote at great length about average speeds on the ERTL, as if this was a sign of success. The construction of this “rich mans road” only proves the failure of all the other short term solutions that proceeded this failure. The ERTL has not made a dent on Cobb’s gridlock. Cars are added to our grid lock faster than the ERTL can subtract them.

Ron, a Vinings resident, should know better. I first encountered him at a Cobb Transportation Forum about 20 years ago. What I remembered was him saying that “Vinings didn’t want any MARTA coming through it.” I don’t have a clue why he said that.

All I know is that if Ron and others had supported MARTA back then, today, MARTA trains from Acworth, Kennesaw, and Marietta could be diverting traffic away from Vinings. MARTA would have taken pollution and cars off I-75. There would be no need for the multiple expansions of I-75 over the years. All it took was patience and a long-term solution.

It’s never too late to do the right thing.

Mike Holzknecht