Mr. Kevin Foley’s 9/27/19 column “The Art of Subverting the Constitution” was full of lies, exaggerations and mischaracterizations. Mr. Foley begins with an attack on President Donald Trump by referring to him as “lawless and deceitful.” There is no way President Trump could become a billionaire and president by being lawless and deceitful. Mr. Foley continues by including more attacks and accusations without proof.

Adding that Secretary Hillary Clinton appeared before a committee answering questions about Benghazi. I never heard what either she or President Obama did to try to save four Americans from being slaughtered in Benghazi in 2012. Instead, Clinton had Susan Rice appear often for her on TV to answer questions. Clinton and Obama tried to blame some unknown videographer in Benghazi, whom no one knew about, for the attacks on the American compound. Clinton did this knowing that she would be running for president in 2016 and was trying to distance herself from any blame. Perhaps there were answers to Benghazi in the 33,000 emails that Hillary Clinton destroyed? Or, maybe something was on the server that Clinton cleaned with Bleach Bit?

President Trump was elected on the promise to protect our borders and fix our broken immigration system. Instead of helping the president and the American people, the Democrats do everything to block the president’s objectives. The Democrats want to make sure that illegals enter this country, bringing diseases, crime and drugs endangering Americans. And, if President Trump somehow manages to fulfill his promise regarding the wall and other matters, judges appointed by Democrats block him.

The selfish and misguided Democrats are doing this to try to increase their voter base. These illegal immigrants will be indebted to the Democrats and vote for them in the future. The illegal aliens will be responsible for more chain migration and anchor babies, thus creating a strain on America’s resources, jobs, educational system, health care and taxes.

The Democratically controlled cities and states ignore what is good for America by providing sanctuary to illegal aliens. They fail to report these people who have brought crime to our nation. Democrats have blood on their hands. Illegals given sanctuary by the Democrats return the favor of freedom and opportunities by murdering and raping Americans. They are taking advantage of our resources paid for by hard-working Americans. Shame on you, Democrats!

Mary Stevens



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