After two years of Trump’s radical, irrational tweets and mouthing off, I thought I was beyond shock. Then, on 9/29 — behold! Naomi Storey’s letter trumpeting Jimmy Carter is solely responsible for this “mess” we are in with Iran.


Apparently, she tuned out during Obama’s peace pact w/ Iran when, according to all CIA Inspectors involved, Iran was complying w/ ALL of Obama’s restrictions & no nuclear materials, etc. were found, ever. Enter Trump --who shot down Obama’s peace pact (for spite) creating this “mess” we are in with Iran today.

Ms. Storey must have missed the controversy swirling around this situation. Trump’s highly experienced Secy. of Defense, James Gattis advised against this action which Trump ignored. Gattis, weary of butting heads w/ Trump re his childish, knuckleheaded actions/tantrums resigned in 2018, effective 02/19. Trump fired Gattis immediately (for spite). Even a UK spokesman deemed Trump did this because Obama negotiated it.

Trump has torpedoed Obama’s restrictions on companies from dumping toxic wastes in our soil, rivers, lakes & oceans as well as restricting auto manufacturers in having them produce more fuel-efficiency vehicles to reduce air pollution; resulting in deaths from these toxics.

Also, in Smyrna, residents are concerned over Sterigenics Co. dumping toxics that cause cancer. However, it was deemed they were breaking no laws. Why? Because Trump made it legal to dump anything anywhere they so choose. Not surprisingly, no one blames Trump — only the companies. I am very concerned re my family’s and future generations’ well-being regarding the environment, our planet (since Trump has taken the US out of the Paris Climate Act), plus the wreckage of our country’s stability. Trump’s response to our concerns? “I won’t be here”, that is another example that he cares for no one but himself and his ego.

Please, his bragging on himself, his taking credit for the economy (inherited from Obama) plus other untrue boasts, are getting beyond old. It’s scary how he so easily cons so many people. Equally terrifying is Naomi Storey and her ilk will vote for him in the 2020 election. ... A second term w/ this unhinged, egotist, who is incapable of engaging in an intelligent conversation — at all — will be disastrous.

Jean Durham



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