(The 10/30) “Around Town” headlined “McBath Warns of Russian Interference in Elections” and included a troubling paragraph that should have Mariettans on alert: “Russian interference in U.S. elections didn’t stop at the presidential campaigns, she (McBath) said (to a gathering of Cobb Progressives). It happened in 2018 in her own 6th District race and likely will happen again.”

I immediately rallied to her support. I called the Congresswoman’s Marietta office and spoke with Adam. In a serious voice he was “not at liberty to say” how the Russians interfered in 2018 or what they might try to pull off in 2020. I told him I could keep a secret, but he was still “not at liberty to say.” He directed me to the Gentle Lady’s D.C. office. I reached Matthew, but he did not know “off the top of his head” what Putin had penciled in for our 6th District election. I think if Matthew did have it on the top of his head or even the tip of his tongue, he still would not have been at liberty to say. I’m sure he just didn’t want to alarm me. He did say someone would contact me. One way or another we need to get on top of this.

Dave Kelley



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