The main tenets of the national religion, Secular Humanism, are nonjudgementalism and tolerance. If we evolved from primordial mud, there is no right or wrong. There are only feelings. There are no standards to judge anyone. Everything is tolerated.

This regressive religion takes us back to pre-civilization. The only way that man overcame the dinosaurs and voracious animals was by his bloodthirsty nature. If this was the case, what happened that made man seek goodness and a transcendence throughout the world?

The Chinese were the first to create a continuing script in 2500 B.C. telling of a massive flood and figures depicting a god. The Torah goes back to 1800 B.C. with Abraham and God. It outlines the journey of the Israelites, God’s chosen people. The Greeks exploded on the scene in the fifth century with discussions of philosophy and the gods.

In Matthew 18, Jesus commanded the people to clean up their lives, and then to go to those in their synagogues who were not obeying the commandments and law, and confront them. If they did not change their sinful behavior, they were to go back to them with someone in authority to confront them. If they persisted, they were to treat them like a “Gentile or tax collector.”

When it comes to the nonbelievers, the believers in Christ are to be salt and light. The believers are not to condemn, but they are to love them without accepting their sin. This is what salt is to meat. It’s a preservative. The light is their Savior, Jesus, who came to lead mankind to the truth.

There are many examples of this in the Bible. When the prostitute was to be stoned by the mob, Jesus asked that “he that was without sin cast the first stone.” When they all threw down their stones, he turned to the woman and said “to go and sin no more.”

The multifaceted efforts by the entertainment and educational establishments have focused on the purging of Christian history. Simultaneously, they are replacing it with a pre-civilization “religion” with tribal groups vying for the apex on the “hierarchy of racism.” Secular humanism is a return to a brutish Hobbesian state of nature.

The only people in history who are commanded to love unconditionally with an eternal penalty are the Christians. This teaching and others formed the basis for Western Civilization.

Jim Cole



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