Re: ‘A conundrum?’, MDJ, 12/19

I thank the good doctor for his response — but with a state population of over 10 million, why can we not find a native Georgian to run for office representing our state? Or at least a person brought up in this state with our culture! Perhaps our maligning media is the reason. And Ossoff is simply a political opportunist bought by outside money, perhaps from some foreign countries.

Jack Riddle



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George Don Spruill

Jack, it is simpler for me than for you. I have made a personal vow to never, ever again, vote for a Democrat, running for a local, state, or federal office, as long as that political party is 100% behind aborting babies. If the candidates say they are personally not in favor of the evil procedure, that makes no difference. As a Democrat, they have no choice. They must vote for it. (That's why we voted against Mary Frances Williams, Craig Owens, and Lisa Cupid. They must always vote to support abortion. Both Ossoff and Rafael Warnock must support abortion. Warnoff, unbelievable since he is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, actually said in the debate with Senator Loeffler that "a patient's room is too small for the patient, her doctor, and the government. (My response was, "How about the patient, her doctor, and Jesus Christ, minister of the Gospel Rafael Warnock?") So, when we voted last Thursday, it was an easy procedure for us. Vote for someone other than an abortion-loving Democrat.

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