Councilman Copeland is a joke! He is playing the race card to cover up his childish reaction to police simply doing their job. What kind of example does this set? Truly shameful! Hopefully the people of the 5th District feel the same!

By the way, great job to the Marietta policemen who worked this scene! They showed great composure and restraint!

Brandon Coalson

west Cobb

Really, this whole issue has become one large joke.

Councilman Copeland is one of those “Do you know who I am” individuals who believes the laws are for the little people.

All he had to do was comply with the officer on site, but no, he had to start refusing to cooperate. As an elected official he displayed extremely poor judgment and now he is dragging out the old race card.

There should be no doubt in any person’s mind that the councilman was guilty of resisting arrest, failing to follow an officer’s order and trying to use his political standing to his benefit. How many little people have the direct number of the Marietta Deputy Police Chief programmed into their phone?

And isn’t it really interesting that he waited until he got his slap on the wrist from the court before he started whining?

Plus he is setting a shining example to the younger generation on how to behave if approached by the police.

Jim Smith


I have followed this story since it first broke simply because of the other controversies Mr. Copeland had been involved with since being elected to the city council. I watched the MPD videos in their entirety two times because I wanted to see for myself what happened and be able to come to my own conclusions, and this was before this latest chapter surfaced and reported in Feb. 6’s MDJ.

After watching the MPD video, my overall thought was Mr. Copeland was given preferential treatment by the MPD and the court for which I can only conclude was because he is an elected official for the city of Marietta. I do not think for a minute that any law enforcement official would afford me the same patience while I repeatedly refused to obey his authority (as) I put in a call to the MPD watch commander.

Further, I did not detect any disrespect on the part of the MPD officer from the beginning until the backup officers arrived. It is standard procedure when involved in a traffic accident any place in the state of Georgia to be asked to provide one’s driver’s license and insurance. I saw absolutely no reason in the videos for Mr. Copeland to not respond to the officer’s request. There would have no need to call for backup if Mr. Copeland had not demonstrated he was going be difficult from his first encounter with the officer.

To be perfectly honest after watching the videos my first reaction made me wonder ... (why) he would not comply with a simple procedure. It was clear that he was not at fault for the minor accident so there appeared no logical reason for him to not just comply and move on like most of the rest of us would do. He had complete control to have this incident end in a simple normal manner but for whatever reason he chose his own way through it, a way he should take personal responsibility for, but as we are seeing, he is not.

Most of us are reasonable people and we understand that there are inequities and would really like to help change things in a reasonable way. We also understand the tremendous task we are asking law enforcement to do for our safety and to keep our society from drifting into chaos. We accept that any civilized society must have rules and certain people are empowered with the authority to enforce those rules, and by this acceptance we also teach our children the same. Law enforcement are people and as such they will occasionally get it wrong, but there is a right way to handle it and a wrong way. If you, however, are intent on always being the victim you will be continually looking for an opportunity to show that you have been mistreated, when you could have avoided the entire incident just by doing what you were told to do by a person who had the authority to tell you to do it.

Honestly, we expect more from our elected officials!

Allen Williams


I read in dismay the remarks by Councilman Copeland to the MDJ and some of his constituents recently. His stated “fear for his life, as a black man” after the Marietta police officers requested he provide a driver’s license and request to get out of his vehicle is appalling.

In my view, the officers acted with professional courtesy and restraint. Even moving the actions up the chain of command shows a desire to manage the issue with caution and consideration.

For this councilman to justify his actions as fear of brutality is beyond the pale. Pandering with racial overtones does nothing to improve community relations or create trust of our officers simply doing their duty. We have seen video footage that does not rise to the level of forceful activity claimed. Only after continued refusal to comply, was Councilman Coleman removed from his vehicle.

This reminds me of a 1980s incident called the ‘Marietta Eight’. A city manager and some councilmen requested special treatment. Eight senior officers were fired for doing the proper thing and not giving special treatment to the “power elite.” Only through a legal court action were they re-instated.

As a community, Marietta has moved past these crony demands and I applaud the restraint our elected officials demonstrate today.

Larry Ceminsky


I do not live in the city of Marietta so I really don’t have a horse in the race, as the saying goes, but I live in Cobb County and enjoy visits to the city often. I have closely followed the arrest of City Councilman Copeland story and would feel quite remiss if I did not take the time to thank the chief and his department for being so professional in treating everyone equally and fairly — as the Copeland body cam video so brilliantly illustrates.

What a blessing for the city to have such dedicated, totally professional folks serving the public! My sincere thanks to the mayor, the chief and his department heads and officers for their dedication, loyalty and ability to have patience when called for — as was the case with Councilman Copeland.

Gene Osborn Marietta

Shame on you, MDJ, for giving Reggie Copeland the front page of your newspaper, allowing him to spew his racial discontent and implying that “he is above the law.” Any rational, non-biased person would have respectfully complied with the officer’s request. The body cam of this incident reveals the officer acted in a professional manner while exercising an abundance of patience and restraint. Bottom line is the officer was doing his job.

Reggie “the Game Changer” is just that. He is changing what actually happened into another one of his racial tirades. His news conference was nothing more than an opportunity to promote disrespect for our law enforcement officers and incite racial bias within our communities.

MDJ, please stop giving this man a platform and the time of day. Shut down his racism.

Becky Summers Marietta

I can’t stop laughing at the article about Reggie”Gamechanger” Copeland and his traumatic experience with the vicious Cobb police department.

Randy Hill Austell

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