On 9/5/20, the Reverend Dr. Nelson Price’s column concerned his regret about the personal flaws of each presidential candidate. Because of this, he facetiously stated that he would vote for neither one, but then stated that upon an examination of their positions on certain issues, it seemed he would vote after all. In the last paragraph of his column, Rev. Price unwittingly gave an accurate summation/description of the entirety of his column when he used the word “oversimplified.” But, that’s not the real problem with his column, and others like it he often writes.

When Nelson Price puts forth a political viewpoint in his columns, about half his readers will applaud him as forthright, well spoken, and right on. The other readers will think he has gone round the bend. The point is the people in each group have begun to see him, simply put, as a political pundit rather than the pastor he has been for over half a century because he has become just that, a political pundit. Even though he is now retired, people still should rightly see him as a minister of and for the word of God.

A faith leader (a minister, priest, rabbi, or mullah) in this country has always been a community leader and should continue to always be such, Ed Buckner’s opinion to the contrary notwithstanding. Rev. Price, retired or not, should continue to be such a faith leader and not a political hack; we have enough of them.

Does Nelson Price have the right to speak his mind regarding politics? Absolutely! Do the “Hollywood elite” have the right to speak their piece about politics? Absolutely! I just question why either they or Rev. Price should command the public stage to put forth their views. Albert Einstein was considered by most to be without peer when it came to being a physicist. When he spoke about the when, where, and how of the universe, who would question him? However, when it came to the who and why of the creation of the universe, Einstein’s views of God were the views of just another guy postulating religious (or non religious) theories. A person’s expertise in one area of knowledge or thought doesn’t automatically qualify him or her as an expert in another area. Who would question Rev. Nelson Price’s knowledge of the Bible? I do, however, question his political acumen.

Ken Thompson


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