I am a little surprised at the number of states that have circumvented the Constitution and the right to vote by enabling a specific political party to be given an unconstitutional advantage.

And I am miffed that a preacher from a historical church would choose to join a political party that pursues abortion like a hungry dog after a bone, that has pulled every string available to prevent a prayer meeting prior to a sports event, and schools, that upholds corrupt politicians as the high mark of our country.

He claims that he will bring "morality" to Congress! A foolish thing to say when his party's wicked witch of the west rules the roost ...

Jack Riddle



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Howard Peterson

Brief, but truth in every word. Well said, Jack!!!

George Don Spruill

Rev. Rafael Warnock, a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is running as a Democrat, the party of abortion. We’re still they alive, I seriously doubt whether either Martin Luther King, Sr. or Jr., who also filled the pulpit of Ebenezer Baptist Church, would vote for Rev. Warnock. The abortion issue would have prevented them from doing so.

Christians need to be discerning when they go into the voting booth and support the Christian faith, rather than the race of candidates.

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