I had to laugh when I opened the paper this morning and saw so many responses to my letter on the electoral college. I did not realize there were so many States Rights people that were still out there.

To Mr. Jess:

I know how the Constitution was framed and why. My minor in college was History and Political Science. So I do not need a history lesson.

To Mr. Hamilton:

Yes, I know it would take a Constitutional amendment and that would take a long time to work its way through the system.(just look at the ERA). Also I agree with you that the smaller states would oppose it because it takes away their power. They have done it before. You say it avoids chaos. Do you not remember the chaos in Florida?

To Mr. Jackson:

I am not a Republican or a disgruntled Democrat. I vote for the person, not the party. Since I began voting I have actually voted Republican nine times and Democrat seven times in the presidential elections.

To Mr. Horacek:

How does the EC protect minorities? In reality the EC makes it easier to keep certain groups from voting because there would be no effect on the number of electoral votes. However, with the popular vote, states would be more inclined to encourage more people to vote to have more political clout. How does the EC prevent voter fraud? Even with it we hear continual cries of voter fraud from both parties.

One more point: In 58 presidential elections since 1788, 179 electors did not cast their vote for the candidate their state or district voted for. Also a state’s vote can be rejected, meaning that states’ votes do not count. This happened in 1864 (during the Civil War) when all the votes from Louisiana and Tennessee (from loyalists) were rejected. In 1872 all the votes from Arkansas and 3 of the 11 votes from Georgia were rejected.

Finally, why were all those letters from men? Are they the big smart men who are going to explain to this poor misinformed woman what’s what? Were there no letters from women? Or do our opinions not count?

Lucretia Adams


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