In reference to your March 3 article ”The city of Lost Mountain,” I want to be the first to welcome you to “cityhood.”

Upfront I want to state I already live in a municipality so I will not have a vote in the referendum. If I did I would more than likely vote in favor. I enjoy living inside the city limits as a firm believer in having the decision makers as close to me as possible. I want to elect and know each of them and have each accountable to me.

Because I have so many friends that will be impacted, I just want to be sure you enter this endeavor with your eyes open. There are some significant facts you need to know and accept as part of having more control over your destiny.

First, no matter what anyone tells you to the contrary, you will pay more taxes. I am not saying that’s bad, but if that is a major factor in your decision, as it is for most, be aware. Your county millage rate does not change because I pay the same as you now. Your new city millage rate will obviously be greater than zero and that is a fact.

Second, there will be commercial growth in your new city. You will have more control, but you cannot avoid it. The commercial tax base is a critical revenue stream that helps keep the city millage rate from rising. You will have to choose between growth, increased millage or a combination and let’s face it, nobody wants tax increases. You will expect things from your city leaders like green space, parks, potholes fixed and medians mowed to name a few items the county will no longer be responsible for. And that list will grow, as expected, to increase the community’s quality of life. I can’t remember who penned it, but I have heard it often: “a community either grows or dies ...”.

Personally, without “skin in the game,” I don’t think a city of East Cobb makes sense. I think a city of Mableton (South Cobb) is long over due and would greatly benefit the community. I’m on the fence on Lost Mountain, but predict it will be the next new city of Cobb. We in Acworth look forward to being your neighbor and promise to share our lessons, knowledge and wisdom.

Steve Prather



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