I have been following the story on East Cobb “cityhood” from the beginning as a daily MDJ reader. As a citizen of Acworth, I do not have a horse in this race. However, being a numbers guy, I am struggling with the math so I am wondering if someone could help me out please?

Here is what I (think I) know:

♦ I pay county property tax, which is the county millage rate times my assessed value of my property(s).

♦ I pay city tax, which is the city millage rate times my assessed value of my property(s).

♦ So I pay more taxes than county residents in “unincorporated” Cobb (and receive a benefit, so no complaints).

♦ All county residence pay the same millage rate.

If the above is true then the only way I can calculate the city of East Cobb paying equal or less taxes is:

♦ East Cobb city millage rate is zero.

♦ East Cobb citizens get a refund from the city. (I assume through a negative millage rate applied to assessed value?)

Since we all pay the same county millage, can someone explain the mechanism for refunding the citizens of East Cobb so their county and city taxes combined are equal to or less than their county tax was before “citydom”?

Now, just as a sanity check, no one is thinking of charging different millage rates for county residents depending on location, are they? If they are, then suddenly there are a lot more horses in the race.

What am I missing?

Steve Prather


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