So Craig Owens has sworn in as sheriff of Cobb County.

Right after his (swearing-in) he announced that he is not going to work with Federal ICE agents. Now lets be clear, he never mentioned this during or after the election. He has already deceived the people of Cobb County. What he is saying is that he wants to turn Cobb County into a sanctuary city. He is going to protect the illegal immigrants from being arrested.

I predict that robberies ,theft, assaults and robberies are going to soar. The illegals now know that they will not go to jail or be deported. Owens deliberately misled the people of Cobb County. This is such a shame

Jim Corder



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Annette Verhoff

Mr Corder, You must not have been paying very much attention. Getting Cobb County out from under ICE's thumb is one of the innumerable reasons he got my vote over Incumbent Warren. ICE employees should should be on the federal payroll, not Cobb County's payroll. Candidate Owens has a section on his campaign website, still available, stating that he will end 287(g) and provides his reasoning. Maybe he did not mail you a postcard with your name on it stating his position, but oh my word, I am 100% sure the Neil Warren campaign sent you dozens of postcards saying, in giant font so nobody even had to find their glasses, what Owens was going to do with ICE! --Christopher Davis Marietta GA

George Don Spruill

Craig Owens did indeed say he that in effect he was not going to work with ICE. What he DIDN'T say was, “As a Democrat, I will support abortion (murdering babies), because as a Democrat I MUST support that Godless Democrat position.

Mike Nelson

I wonder how Owens will react when a family member is assaulted, raped or murdered by an illegal alien . Oh I forgot we aren’t allowed to use that term. Democratic Party is so pathetic. If you don’t agree with them your a racist.

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