I was disgusted to see that Gov. Brian Kemp, R-Georgia, was at odds with the president on the person to appoint as senator to replace Johnny Isakson, who’ll retire at the end of the year. He’s considering Kelly Loeffler, co-owner of the Atlanta Dream, who it is reported has given to Democrats in the past.

President Trump, whose support of Kemp probably allowed him to defeat Casey Cagle in the Republican primaries for governor, is pushing Rep. Doug Collins.

Here’s my tweet to the Governor.

“ @GovKemp Governor, don’t fall for the diversity siren song of the Left. We don’t need any more RINO senators in DC. Appoint either Dr. Paul Broun or Rep. Doug Collins. We need a solid GOP front in Washington.”

The governor needs to understand that he will never be loved by the left as long as he has an “R” by his name. The best attitude to take is to say, “To heck with them!” and embrace his conservative constituents. And, he needs to support President Trump 100% of the time.

Don Spruill



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