Too soon has the reaction to Mark Galli’s Christianity Today editorial hating on evangelicals for supporting Trump died down. Anyone interested should consider the unbelievably hypocritical Galli article, barely two years earlier in Christianity Today, “What to Make of Karl Barth’s Adultery.”

Galli’s big book as a writer is about Karl Barth — a very, very admiring book. Barth’s belief was that Christ’s atonement covers anybody and everybody. Barth’s a universalist, not an evangelical. Accordingly, Galli appears not to be an evangelical at all, but a universalist.

Right after his Barth book was released, longtime rumors were confirmed that Barth had participated in a 13-year affair. He had even moved his lover, his secretary, into his marital home.

In the Barth article, Galli rationalizes the affair, saying few theologians are actually able to live up to their loftiest ideas. He describes Barth as fighting his battle against adultery unsuccessfully (I’ll say), but tells the reader not to discard Barth, instead arguing the very weaknesses of Christian leaders elevate the grandness of their ideas.

Galli didn’t condemn Barth’s prolonged adultery, and said Barth’s behavior did not disqualify him from being a theologian. However, Galli concludes that Trump is disqualified from being president by Trump’s moral failures.

How did our investigative journalists and the conservatives attacking Galli miss this? Galli’s having excused Barth for his moral failures while a theologian, is impossible to reconcile with his thoughts on Trump.

Charles M. Dalziel Jr.



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