If our state legislature moves to impose more control over the voters of the state, they will have missed a rare opportunity.

So often our state is ranked in the lowest percentile for those indicators of a well educated and governed populace. Now we have the opportunity to brag about having run not one, but two nearly flawless elections — under extremely trying circumstances. We should be taking a victory lap and exploring how to expand on our successes. There was no meaningful fraud in either election, regardless of the misinformation spread by Bob Barr in your pages and others.

Voting by mail, or through ballot drop boxes, had obvious benefits during the pandemic, but still offers benefits when we get to the other side of this mess. At least six states have proven the efficacy of absentee voting by mail, and several have offered it for years without comment or difficulty. We need to pursue making this the standard, not the exception. Making voting accessible to all should be our goal.

It is my hope that the Legislature will not continue to embarrass us by trying to go backward, but will instead see forward as the correct direction.

Karin Guzy



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Howard Peterson

Why can't liberals ever use the word "LEGAL"?? This word should be in front of the word vote each & every time such as LEGAL vote, LEGAL voting & LEGAL voter.

Allie Bradford

Sorry, but I don't believe voting should be effortless. People died for the right for us to vote. People should vote IN PERSON unless they have a valid reason not to.

Howard Peterson

Agreed!! Most people can leave home to purchase the basic necessities so there's no reason to not vote in person. If not, there's absentee ballots which should require picture ID and automatic signature matching each & every time to make sure that you are still a LEGAL voter.

George Don Spruill

The ignorance of half our population is astounding. How anyone could think that our recent elections were “nearly flawless” is astounding. Oh, wait a minute! Someone who gets their news from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and most of the print media in this country is never going to be truly informed. For gosh sakes, Ms. Guzy, before you write a letter which gets published for all to see, get educated.

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