In mid-October 2019, my letter to the editor was published, which called for Georgia’s elected officials to eliminate all religious exemptions for vaccinations.

Measles, in particular, has been a disease which flourishes in communities where anti-vaxxers live in. 2019 has seen the largest outbreak of measles in the U.S. since 1994 with 1,250 cases reported as of Oct. 3, largely driven by families choosing not to vaccinate their kids.

Two studies published in late October confirmed why measles is so harmful: Measles can damage the immune system by wiping immune protection for other diseases.

Imagine my lack of lack of shock when a measles case was confirmed by an un-vaccinated student at Cobb County’s Mabry Middle school in early November. The response from Republican lawmakers who represent this area: crickets and complicit support for anti-vaxxers.

This is not a partisan issue. Contact your elected officials regularly and challenge them to either step up and protect the health of all Georgians or step aside. Georgia needs to eliminate all religious exemptions for vaccinations and ensure no personal exemptions either.

Don Roberts



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