The MDJ’s liberal slip is showing. On (May 24), you published an AP article by Zeke Miller which contained the following sentences: “The move marked an escalation in Trump’s efforts to ‘investigate the investigators’ as he continues to try to undermine the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe ... “ and “The White House had eagerly encouraged Republicans on the House intelligence committee to disclose that classified information, believing it could help undermine the Russia investigation.”

Then (May 25) you print another article by, guess who? Zeke Miller and Eric Tucker (AP, which contains the following sentence: “Former intelligence officials and Democratic lawmakers criticized Trump’s move, which marked an escalation in his efforts to ‘investigate the investigators’ as he works to undermine the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe.”

Can you spot the boilerplate? How about the bias? How about the illogical assumption that Trump would want to undermine a report that did not show collusion with Russia; which was the reason it was originated? But why let a little thing like logic get in the way when you can fabricate another opportunity to bash Yo-Yo Trump.

Here’s something the press should be reporting: It’s curious that Democrats want to subpoena seemingly every document ever produced that relates to Donald Trump, and if he finds that preposterous, it just means he has something to hide. Meanwhile, if he wants to have documents declassified that prove he and/or his campaign were targeted in an illegal manner, he’s jeopardizing national security. This from the same party that claims Trump is engaged in a coverup. Trump acts like a spoiled brat. But Trump is not wrong here. That’s what some Democrats, including AP writers, obviously hate. Shame on the MDJ for printing such blather.

Randy Hill