My husband and I stood in line over nine hours (Oct. 12) to vote. My husband is a retired Air Force 25-year veteran.

I am a retired educator. Today we are dealing with the impact of standing on concrete in the sun and drizzling rain experiencing back and knee pain.

This is simply uncontainable as taxpayers in Cobb County for over 20 plus years to wait in line to exercise our right to vote. The poll workers did not assist disabled or seniors. It was a travesty and embarrassment as Cobb residents to witness this behavior. We are requesting that you address this and make this known to the public.

We have reported this situation to the secretary of state.

Please address this issue so others will not have to face their right to vote. Voting should not be hard!

In the name of our ancestors who fought tirelessly for our right to vote.

Good trouble advocates,


and David Jackson



Today I was reading the letters to the editor. Read Mr. Spruill’s letter on his pro-Trump sign being taken. I have had four signs taken and just can’t believe that if the Biden campaign is winning, why are his followers stealing yard signs? Tells me they are worried that we may win again and I certainly hope so. There is only one Biden yard sign near me but I will leave it alone. It’s (their) sign and this is the way it should be.

James Mack Cobb



In today’s world, we need more — not less — strong women in leadership across all sectors. We need women who’ll fight for what’s right — even when no one’s watching — and stay strong in the face of adversity. East Cobb, you have one of the fiercest advocates for positive, lasting change in State Rep. Sharon Cooper, a woman who’s been commanding the room, bucking the status quo and standing up to the good ol’ boys — even in her own party — for years now. I wish Sharon was my legislator. Let me give you some examples why.

If you know someone who’s been able to fight a slumlord to keep their family safe and healthy, you’re familiar with Sharon Cooper’s work. She introduced the legislation two years ago and got it passed despite strong opposition from special interests. If you know someone battling an addiction who recently overdosed but was revived with Narcan, you can thank Sharon Cooper. She sponsored that bill, which not only gives enhanced access to the life-saving opioid reversal drug to law enforcement and family members but also affords legal amnesty to anyone who contacts law enforcement to seek help for someone actively overdosing on opioids or alcohol. Her work has literally saved lives, and it spans every category. Sharon has spearheaded laws to toughen penalties on stalking, fight maternal mortality, dramatically increase oversight of senior care homes to protect our loved ones, and improve access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Georgians. Most importantly, she’s a woman of integrity who personally and thoughtfully responds to every constituent email — all of them, even the angry ones — and chairs one of the most powerful and important committees under the Gold Dome. This November, Sharon faces opposition on the ballot.

East Cobb voters, it’d be devastating to lose her as your representative at the Georgia state Capitol. As a former nurse, nursing educator, longtime small business owner, and state House Health & Human Services Committee Chair, Sharon is a truly invaluable asset for your community. We all have tough decisions to make this November, but voting for Sharon should be easy. She’s tireless in her work; she’s respected and beloved by her colleagues on both sides of the aisle; and she never backs down from a worthy fight. Vote for Sharon Cooper.

Candice Broce



My name is Rakan Dabbas and I am a senior at Georgia State University studying international affairs. For the past two months, I have been interning with Georgia PIRG. As an intern, I have been helping to increase voter awareness and registration, especially among young voters such as myself.

One activity this internship has required of me has been to phonebank, using my friends and family as points of contact. Calling many of my peers actually led me to unexpected disappointment. Although a significant amount of my friends and peers were registered to vote, an unsatisfactory number of them were not. Shocking as it sounds, one of my contacts did not even realize we were in an election year.

Information about elections should be easily accessible to any and every citizen who wants to participate in the democratic process our country is so firmly built upon. A key aspect of our work at Georgia PIRG is to take a non-partisan approach to sharing information around Election Day, such as the other important races taking place (like Senate and House races.) This is an important part of our mission that I find very interesting due to the fact that a lot of the information consumed today is second-hand and passed down with influence by different agendas. Our goal is solely to make sure voters are aware of the elections that are going to affect their day-to-day lives and have a voice in the decisions that are going to change our future.

That is why the New Voters Project is encouraging young voters to not only get registered to vote for the upcoming election on Nov. 3, but to also get educated on their ballots. By learning about the candidates and races, they will be able to make informed decisions that they feel will best service their communities. We are also urging all new voters to make a plan for how they are going to vote, whether by requesting an absentee ballot or by voting in-person in the safest and most efficient way possible.

There are resources that help identify which polling stations are near you and their respective wait times. Do not wait till it’s too late, make a plan and get out and vote!

Rakan Dabbas



Those who endured the first presidential “debate” of 2020 on Sept. 30 witnessed perhaps the most disgusting public debacle in the annals of American politics.

In microcosm, it not only exemplified but personified the rudeness, crudeness and incivility that has become pervasive in American society in general.

To state the obvious, neither of these candidates — Donald Trump nor Joe Biden — is an exemplary role model. Biden is an utterly corrupt career politician who has accomplished absolutely nothing of value in his nearly 50 years in office. He is merely an empty suit who will function as a pawn of the radical left.

Trump’s personality and character flaws are obvious. While Biden lacks the mentality to be president, Trump’s narcissism continually inhibits his effectiveness as president.

We are approaching the most consequential election since 1864, and anyone who saw both the Democratic and Republican conventions in August witnessed an ideological and moral division unparalleled in American political history. The values and visions expressed by the two parties come as close as humanly possible to representing two worldviews that are not only contradictory but irreconcilable.

Evil is rampant in our society, and it’s no exaggeration to conclude that we are on the verge of a total cultural breakdown. I fully understand those who struggle to vote for Trump due to his abrasive personality and his unabashed character flaws. There is, however, one character trait he possesses that is absolutely essential: resolute courage and tenacity in opposing the radical Marxist agenda that is driving the Democratic Party.

We are in the midst the most intense culture war in American history. Wars are won by visionary leaders and courageous fighters, not by nice pacifists. Donald Trump has accomplished far more in 3-1/2 years than any other president since World War II as he strives relentlessly to counter the insidious agenda of the secular Left and their allies in the media, academia, the entertainment industry, corporate America, Big Tech, and the D.C. establishment.

The issues in this election are too crucial to fixate on Trump’s problematic personality. The fundamental issue is this: Will this nation continue to function as a relatively free and equal opportunity society governed by Constitutional principles and the rule of law, or will it veer off-course in pursuit of some utopian socialist “Brave New World?” That is precisely what is at stake, and such issues transcend the personalities of politicians.

Jefrey D. Breshears, Ph.D.



Thank you, Mr. Foley for highlighting all of the scary “socialism” programs (10/9 MDJ: “Socialism is a ‘scare word’”), so maybe we should eliminate social security payments, and Medicare.

it’s time to eliminate those scary programs and “liberate” America!

Jeanette Gall



In response to the letter “Consequences of communism,” I’m so glad that we don’t have any communists running for office this year. Thankfully the Democratic candidates are moderates who support our form of government. The only danger of possible communist influence comes from Trump’s flirtation with Russia. But if voters stand strong and elect Biden, we won’t have to worry about the threat of communism.

Ellen Cooper



I have always been proud to call myself an independent voter who was able, in local elections mainly, to vote for the person rather than the party. This gave me the freedom to choose qualifications and track record rather than affiliation, and sometimes I voted for and supported conservative Republicans locally who had demonstrated that they could work together for common goals regardless of any ideological differences.

However, after careful and heartfelt thought, I can no longer vote for anyone affiliated with the GOP who does not speak out openly about the fact that their party has sunk to the lowest levels of degradation and highest level of criminality, from its’ leadership on down, during the past few years. It is no longer a matter of mere ideological differences, but moral ones. That party has actively and without remorse promoted and committed compulsive lying and cheating, extreme racism and violence against and murder of people of color and immigrants (including children).

That party has promoted white supremacy and white nationalist terrorism. That party refuses to provide for and works against the provision of health care to our most vulnerable populations, resulting in tens of thousands of needless deaths, both in and before the pandemic. That party believes that the only way it can win elections is to promote hate and division, and by suppressing the vote of minorities and the poor —acts of desperation!

To not speak out against these atrocities and crimes against humanity is to be complicit, and, in the words of Bishop Desmond Tutu: “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

Richard Pellegrino



I was raised a yellow-dog Democrat. I left the Democrat Party after voting for Bill Clinton the first time. I left because I could see that my beliefs did not mirror the beliefs of the Democrat party. In recent years, though, I have come to the conclusion that I can never, ever again, vote for a Democrat at any level — local, state, and federal — because of one position that party — at all levels — holds. The Democrat Party is 100% in favor of abortion. As a practicing Christian, I can not support that practice. When Moses received the stone tablets with the Ten Commandments engraved on them by the finger of God on Mt. Sinai, the 6th Commandment was/is “You shall not murder.” Abortion is murder, and God has never repealed that commandment.

You could say, “Spruill, are you trying to get me to believe you are without sin?” Oh, far from it. I grieve over forgiven sin that only the Lord God Almighty and I know about. I’m very aware that I’m a sinner saved by grace. But I will not commit a sin by voting for a person who is in a political party that supports abortion.

The Republican Party is made up of a group of people who are very, very human. They are, as a group, lacking in intestinal fortitude. But, as long as they stand in the road of history, fully against abortion, I will vote for them every time. In fact, I recently voted by absentee ballot for Mike Boyce, Rose Wing, Neil Warren, Barry Loudermilk, David Purdue, Doug Collins, and Donald J. Trump/Mike Pence, first and foremost because they weren’t Democrats. Oh, they are fine people and have done/will do a great job. But, my conscience is clear because I haven’t voted for persons who — by virtue of the political party they’re in — do not support the Godless act of abortion. You say, “Spruill, I know for a fact that Democrat (fill in the blank) is in his/her heart pro-life.” Well, they can’t vote that way. They would be figuratively sent by their party to a room in D.C. or Atlanta or Cobb County that no one ever visits with a phone that never rings. You know that as well as I do.

I’m sleeping well at night these days.

Don Spruill



God created each person with a conscience, the ability to discern right from wrong, good from evil (Romans 1:19-21) and with that He gave us the freedom to choose life or death.

When we vote for a candidate whose party platform proudly supports murder (abortion) and rejects God’s created order for marriage, we choose death. Unborn and newly born babies’ lives do matter. How many George Washington Carvers, Beethovens, and other precious lives have been destroyed since abortion became “legal” in 1973? God’s word is truth whether we acknowledge it or not.

The upcoming election will set the course of our nation for blessing or curse. The truth is not based on the personality or likability of President Trump who has not been a politician for over 40 years as has Biden. The truth is that, in His mercy, Almighty God is using an imperfect human being to bring the United States of America back to His ways.

I urge you to read the Democratic Party platform in its entirety. Be still and let your conscience speak to you. Let us choose Life and abhor and reject the Culture of Death, the American Holocaust that has slaughtered over 60 million babies since 1973.

Consider these words “Before An Election” by Peter Marshall, Chaplain of the U.S. Senate, 1947-49, which can be found in “Hymns for the Family of God.”

“Lord Jesus, we ask Thee to guide the people of this nation as they exercise their dearly bought privilege of franchise. May it neither be ignored unthinkingly or undertaken lightly. As citizens all over the land go to the ballot boxes, give them a sense of high privilege and joyous responsibility.

“Help those who are about to be elected to public office to come to understand the real source of their mandate-a mandate given by no party machine, received at no polling booth, but given by God; a mandate to represent God and the truth at the heart of the nation; a mandate to do good in the name of Him under whom this country was established.

“We ask Thee to lead our country in the paths where Thou wouldst have her walk, to do the tasks which Thou has laid before her. So may we together see happiness for all our citizens in the name of Him who created us all equal in His sight, and therefore brothers. Amen.”

Susanne Smith



Wall Street has finally said it; the stock market, the economy, and working people do better when we have a Democratic president and control both houses of Congress. Not only do they say it, financial charts show it.

Richard Beck



I see from early voting forecasts that money from “outside” sources is influencing our Georgia voters. I truly hope we have more sense than to believe this trash being dumped on us! The choice is simple — do you want a one-party system or be able to make a choice in the future! Don’t let George Soros and California make the choice for you!

Jack Riddle



Although Mr. Price’s articles are more subtle and educated than Trump’s lunatic rantings; they carry the same message. Mr. Price “admits” that Trump has “flaws” but he points out that so do Hillary and Biden.

He consistently extols Trump’s “policies” without never naming any. Probably because Trump’s so-called “policies” consist of causing hundreds of thousands of deaths: Kurds (in Syria); victims of coronavirus (due to his scheming, lying to the Americans by denying and down-playing the virus — with virtually no cooperation or support of the experts whom he reviles and fires); U.S. soldiers killed by terrorists, hired by his idol, Putin.

Trump is alienating our allies, destroying our planet by lifting, torpedoing all of Obama’s restrictions on the coal, auto manufacturers, etc. from polluting our waters, air, soil, etc. by dispensing toxic wastes. He took the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Act — dismissing all scientists’ expertise. When confronted with leaving a destroyed, debt-ridden country to future generations, Trump responded: “I won’t be here.” Neither will we, but we care — deeply.

That’s it in a nutshell, Trump cares not for anyone but himself and his reelection. Who are we to believe? Hundreds of highly respected professionals who have worked with and observed him who, collectively, state that Trump is mentally unfit to be president, he is a liar and untrustworthy; irrational; irresponsible; corrupt; crooked; narcissistic; dangerous; dividing (the list goes on and on). Or, are we to believe Trump, (and Dr. Price), who has proven he is all of the above?

Indeed, (Trump’s) own sister, who was a former federal judge, claimed he has no principles and decried his tweets; his niece who deemed him to be vile and dangerous.

Nelson Price, in condoning and supporting this dangerous, corrupt individual is being disgraceful to the clergy, plain and simple. Only Trumpsters that support Trump no matter what and believe what they want to believe enjoy Dr. Price’s articles. The rest of us sane, decent citizens — not. His space should be put to better use.

Jean Leigh Durham



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