Georgia needs to remove all personal and religious belief as a reason for an exemption from the vaccination requirements for entry to private or public elementary or secondary schools in Georgia as well as day care centers.

This measure would protect the public, help prevent disease outbreaks not to mention save the unnecessary costs of a statewide disease response. The state of Washington spent over $1.5 million responding to a measles outbreak in February 2019(see source below). This expense could have been prevented, or severely reduced, had all the personal and religious exemptions not been in place. Meanwhile, in North Carolina the number of children who aren’t vaccinated have dramatically increased posing a risk to the public.

The science is indisputable: Vaccines are safe, effective and the best way to keep our children safe. A 2019 study found that even a 1% increase in the vaccination rate results in 800 fewer deaths per year approximately and 14.5 million fewer work hours lost due to illness annually.

Will you, as an elected official who represents ALL citizens of Georgia, protect the public health by signing this measure into law or will you side with anti-vaxxers and psuedo-science? Will you work to prevent epidemics? Where does someone else’s freedom to practice religion end and the health of those who are too young to be vaccinated, those who are immune-compromised and those who are too old for fully effective immunization begin?

Let’s lead Georgia back from the brink of a new medical Dark Ages. This is an issue that supersedes partisan politics and might be the rallying cry for a new era of political cooperation.

End Georgia’s religious and personal exemptions for vaccinations.Sources:



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