I am disappointed in the media coverage given to the Georgia recount. It was not an AUDIT as is sometimes claimed. It was simply a recount of votes cast without a thorough vetting to ensure only legitimate votes were cast.

With so many absentee votes this year, it’s not possible every county could legitimately vet those votes. The consent decree governing signature matching makes the process onerous at best. A panel of three people review the signature, and at least two must agree that it does not appear to be legitimate. Then all three must write their names on the rejected ballot before starting the process to “cure” the ballot. I have no confidence that this process was followed in all counties. I’ve read that there was a miniscule number of absentee ballots rejected this year versus past years. Why has the media not researched this?

An AUDIT would have verified those signatures. I was under the impression our new voting system guaranteed the ability to verify all votes, but just recounting whatever ballots received does not ensure they are legitimate. I think that’s a valid concern.

With regards to the news media’s ploy of repeatedly stating there is no “widespread fraud,” widespread fraud is not the issue. This election is so close that it would only take a few well-placed fraudsters in certain counties across the nation to turn the tide. Biden got tons of votes in exactly the counties he needed to. I am not convinced those were legitimate votes. Several times, the Trump campaign has shown there were more votes than there were voters. The media chooses to ignore this.

Another ploy by the media is to debunk the weakest claim from the Trump campaign and then state that ALL claims are baseless. Again, there appears to be no real investigation from the media. All they do is ask an election official if the election was fair and secure. The official says yes, and that’s it.

I would hope the media would dig deeper and look at all the claims from the Trump team and research them rather than dismissing them out of hand. Stacey Abrams never conceded. Gore took 37 days to concede. Let Trump’s claims work through the system. Or is the media concerned that Trump is right? If Biden won legitimately, there is nothing to fear.

Bronson Beisel



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George Don Spruill

Don’t expect anything out of the media in this country in 2020. Prada at the height of the Soviet Union was less corrupt.

Allie Bradford

I would really like for someone to inform Georgia exactly how the signature matching will take place for the Senate run-off. There have been over 900,000 absentee ballots requested, and if they're not adequately verifying signatures, the election will be severely tainted.

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