I am writing regarding my concerns about garbage service in Cobb County. ... I am now 74, retired and like working in my yard and keeping my home and property up. I was hoping to stay in Cobb County close to my children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, the garbage situation is outrageous. The service is unreliable and I see overflowing garbage cans all over the neighborhoods — and not just mine.

After calling American Disposal numerous times last week when my garbage was not picked up, I was either on hold for long periods of time or met with a busy signal. After calling numerous times today, June 3, the recording states, “We are experiencing unusual call volume, please call again later.” I also tried to call Republic and Advanced to see about obtaining another service, but their recording is similar.

I emailed Cobb Commissioner Bob Ott last week about my concerns after I read his comments in the MDJ that seemed dismissive of the garbage issues brought up by residents. According to that report, he remarked that his service picks up twice a week at his garage door and that good services should not be blamed for bad ones.

To his credit, he did respond to my email and said he did not mean to be dismissive, but his garbage service, Ailey, was satisfactory. I tried to find Ailey with no result.

Looking at Cobb County government website also did not provide any new options.

My concerns as a longtime resident of Cobb, is why are we experiencing these problems? If we can spend millions to bring the Braves to Cobb, can we not have adequate garbage service? This problem is not good. It is ugly and hazardous, to say the least. People will not move here if we cannot provide good garbage service.

My sister lives in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Garbage and yard trash collection is part of the service the government provides. Their taxes include the service.

If Cobb cannot find a private service or services that will do the job, perhaps we should consider paying extra taxes and having the county take over the job. I just want it done.

Linda Worley