RE: Funding of $40 million Park Bond - MDJ Around Town, Aug. 6

Dear Commissioner (JoAnn) Birrell,

I could not agree with you more. The full $40 million Park and Greenspace bond should be funded ASAP! You state that $19 million is left in the 2008 bond so just divert $21 million from some other source such as the water system or our property taxes to fully fund the bond. The BOC obviously had no problem diverting funds from the water system to the general fund. Also, absconding with, without our permission, almost $9 million per year for 30 years to a private organization, the Braves, from our property taxes. With the Park Bond, you were given our permission with an overwhelming vote of 67 percent in favor of the $40 million. Since the BoC funded the Braves with $400 million it should be a snap for the BoC to come up with (divert) a paltry $21 million.

In a recent opinion article in the MDJ, Mr. Yarbrough compared Chairman Lee with Mr. Iacocca of Ford Motor Co. He said that the Braves may turn out to be Lee’s Mustang. Am now beginning to believe that it may be his Edsel!

Robert F Roth



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